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James Barker (he/they)

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Jersey City, New Jersey


James Barker is a self-described multi-cellular chemical reaction. As a writer, director, editor, and photographer, they don't like to sit still. 

His latest project, Remnants of Nova, takes a deep look at mental health, queer love, and the pop music scene in this tense and tragic short film. As Dani, an up-and-coming queer artist, anxiously prepares for her first live show, her partner and lead guitarist, Nova, drops out of their band. The film is co-written by Kimmie Devereux and produced alongside Richard Ormsby


By day James works as a video editor. Some of his latest projects as an editor include - BONDED BY BALL: INSIDE THE OBL - a Showtime docu-series about a new one-on-one basketball league that is streaming on Paramount+, digital beauty content for the JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® XC, and the NJ PBS docu-series VEGAN POP EATS (coming June 2024). 


Always on the move in Jersey City, James fills their time running a virtual screenwriting group, The Society of Independent Screenwriters (SIS). He and his SISters meet bi-monthly to discuss projects, give feedback, and talk filmmaking as a whole.

Outside of working in the film industry, James is an avid photographer. He travels throughout the country photographing people and places. Working in photography, especially B&W analog photography, has given James a stronger appreciation for the visual arts in its incredible use for storytelling. You can find James shopping at the local farmer’s market, visiting the climbing gym, or snuggling with his cats, Pineapple and Linguine.

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