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Remnants of Nova

As Dani, an up-and-coming queer artist, anxiously prepares for her first live show, her partner and lead guitarist, Nova, drops out of their band.

Drama/LGBTQ  |  15min  |  2024

Directed by James Barker

Written by James Barker and Kimmie Devereux 

Story by Kimmie Devereux

Produced by Richard Ormsby and James Barker

Quarter Finalist

Nashville Film Festival

Screenwriting Competition - 2023

Official Screenplay Selection

Snake Alley Festival of Film - 2023

Quarter Finalist

Bridgeport Film Fest 

Screenwriting Competition - 2023

Daughter of Ruin

A young girl must take care of her injured mother in an abandoned warehouse located on the outskirts of a hostile land.

Drama/Sci-Fi  |  15min  |  2018

Written and Directed by James Barker

Produced by James Barker and Alex Barker

Starring Veronica James and Maya Carter

Official Selection

Golden Doors International

Film Festival - 2019

Official Selection

Montclair Film Festival - 2019

Official Selection

Monmouth Film Festival - 2019

Official Selection

NewarkIFF - 2019

Pocket Full of Sunshine

A lonely ex-con, trying to reconnect with his family, struggles to make ends meet, as he faces pressure from his past drug dealer and his parole officer.

Drama  |  10min  |  2017

Written and Directed by James Barker

Produced by James Barker, Alex Barker and J.A. Salimbene

Starring William Perry, Harold Tarr, Valery Vincent

and Tim Farley


Audience Choice - Student Film

Monmouth Film Festival - 2018


Best College Film

Project FX presented by Sony Pictures Classics - 2018

Official Selection

NewarkIFF - 2018

My Cause, My Cleats

Formerly incarcerated felons and parolees, as well as NFL star Malcom Jenkins, discuss the struggles living inside the American justice system, in this online video in partnership with the ACLU of Pennsylvania.

Documentary/Non-profit  |  2min  |  2019

Written and Directed by James Barker

Produced by Julieanne Mascara

MALKA Sports & Players Coalition

Moral Dilemma

Indie music video featuring Lo KE in

his new single Moral Dilemma.

Music Video  |  4min  |  2021

Directed by James Barker

Produced by James Barker & Lo KE

Original Song by Lo KE

The Table

A personal look at the constantly evolving family dynamic, seen through one family's home movies.

Documentary  |  2min  |  2020

Written, Directed and Edited by James Barker

Featuring Jim, Georgi, Lindsay, Alex,

Emma, and James Barker

Brothers of the Bride

When their sister's wedding venue cancels on them two weeks before the big day, two brothers are put to the task of finding the new location, leading to a schism in their relationship. Made with love in secret for the wedding of Emma and Ryan Purzycki.

Comedy  |  19min  |  2019

a Brothers Barker film

starring James Barker and Alex Barker

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